Saturday, September 8, 2007

A day at the farm

Today we went out to a nearby farm for their annual Farm Fest. This was the first time we had ever attended, but had always wanted to visit with them. I guess you would call their farm a "fiber" farm, as they raise animals for wool production. Of course, they also sell their meat products, as they were selling lamb cuts today. I ate my first ever lamb burger, which was very very good. We also had ice cream from a local dairy and a wonderful slice of homemade coconut cake. This view is only a portion of their home and I wish I had taken a picture of the whole house. There were so many people around that it would have been difficult to photograph the house without them in the picture. It was very hot today, but a lovely day on the farm.


ancient one said...

We are having beautiful weather today too. The farm trip looked like fun. Did you take your dogs? LOL Just thinking about what you said this morning. I wish you could have taken more picures of the house. I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

Nancy Jo said...

That sounds like the kind of day I would really love. Except for the LAMB BURGER, don't know about that, but no problem with the cake and ice cream.

Beach Girl said...

A farm.....something we don't see out here, so it's a plesure to share in Farm Fest with you. Sounds like a wonderful day.


Rose Mary said...

Looks like you had fun day! Beautiful farm.