Friday, June 8, 2007

New Stuff!

I took this picture this morning to show off my new cabinet I bought a few months ago. I'm still trying to decide what to display on top. I have a black rug at the bottom with a rooster on it, so I like the rooster on top too. The plant and vase I bought yesterday at Hobby Lobby. If you click on the picture, you'll see a better view of my new "china" I bought from JCPenney on a clearance sale recently!


ancient one said...

Looks good to me. Love your dishes!!

Beemoosie said...

Oh I love your cabinet!!! That's something on my wish list for "someday"!


Sandy said...

Love the dishes....

Beemoosie said...

Hello again!! thanks for the encouragement about being a Christian at work!

I don't do anything special with my irises...I am a budget gardener! I plant, mulch and weed!!
Have a great weekend!

Nancy Jo said...

Look at you posting new pictures!!
I had no idea you collected pigs. I will be looking for you.
Your new cupboard is so cute, I love cabinets to put stuff in, and as you know, I do have stuff.
It looks like we are about to get a big ole thunder storm, with high winds. A little scary. I stuck a lot of my outside plants under the picnic table so they wouldn't get beat up.
Have a great weekend, hope you get at least some of it off work.