Monday, June 25, 2007

It's label

This is the handwritten label I stitched on the back so that she would always know about the quilt. My Grandma Butler was a quilter and I always admired her work, even though her quilts were more functional than beautiful. When she died, my Granddaddy let me have her scraps, and this is one project I made with them.


Debbie J. said...

That is so sweet Penny. I crosstitched some labels on some quilts I made for my children, but yours is even better. Mine just had the date, their name, and it said "I love you, Mama" I love to make quilts for my kids. I am currently making an NC State one for my step son, but it is an UFO. Haven't worked on it for a long time. I love your quilt and clothes line, too.

Anonymous said...

I remember the quilt being in my room, but I NEVER knew it had a label. (which is understandable, as I was 4 years old and was probably too busy playing with Grammy or asking you for a dog) I got all teary eyed reading it just now. I do remember the Bible verses on each block though!

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs - Kim said...

What a precious quilt that you made for your daughter...I'm sure she will cherish it! I love the label you put on it...reading about this quilt brought tears to my eyes. My dear Gram made quilts so reading about the quilt for your daughter was a joy!